This roadmap is dynamic and based primarily on feedback from our users. If there is something missing from our planned feature set or you would like to add to this list, please contact us by email and let us know!

Some items may not appear here, but be planned or tentative. For instance, we would like to support port forwarding but are unsure at this time if Apple will allow this. We will update this page as we find out more.

Briefly, features we are planning include:

  • backquote, tab, function, numpad, arrow and pgup/pgdwn keys
  • key-based authentication
  • support for multiple simultaneous connections
  • custom terminal sizes
  • custom foreground and background colors
  • customizing TCP behaviour (TCP Keepalives, etc)
  • port forwarding
  • auto-scroll with cursor
  • scrollback
  • ... and many more!
Features By Version
  • Version 1.0 *First week of August 2008
    • Support basic SSH, Telnet, TCP connections
    • xterm, VT100 terminal emulation

  • Version 1.1 *First week of August 2008
    • Add fullscreen mode (via double-tap)
    • Add Ctrl-[ (ESC) back to supported key sequences
    • Fix two major crash issues (one on unclean shutdown; one a timer error that caused very busy connections to reset)

  • Version 1.2 *Third week of August 2008 (released to app Store Sep 1)
    • First international release
    • RSA/DSA key generation and key-based authentication
    • Support for more keyboard keys (tab, esc, arrows)
    • Expanded configuration options (TCP options, terminal size)
    • Proxy support (SOCKS, HTTP, Telnet)
    • Allow dismissal of navigation bar in full-screen mode
    • Optionally save username for a connection
    • Improved drawing speed
    • Improved key exchange/initial connection speed

  • Version 1.3 *Early September 2008 Mid-December 2008
    • UI improvements - scroll terminal with cursor; improve readability; fix some minor drawing problems
    • Support for more keyboard keys (alt, backquote, F-, ...)
    • Ability to edit known_hosts entries
    • Greater font customization (color, size, possibly new fonts)
    • Support for transfer of RSA/DSA keys to the application
    • Customization of 'favorite' keys, appearing in the top bar
    • Option to save password in the Keychain
    • Fix bug when switching from WiFi to EDGE/3G - sometimes intial DNS lokoup failed
    • Tunneling support