November 26, 2008

So... It's been nearly 2 months since our last update. We must apologize for that and how it has violated our Roadmap, but we are getting back on track!

The next update to pTerm is schedule for the middle of December, and will include many "unplanned" features which we think you'll love, as well as those you assumed would come - simulataneous connection support, customizable fonts and colors, etc.

We are also planning to include support for tunnels and portions of the application will make these very useful (no need for backgrounding!). Keep an eye on this space or the app store for an update.

Also - if you have a bug report or feature request, please submit it now!. Your feedback directly drives the application development, and we value your feedback.

September 1, 2008

Version 1.2 has been posted to the App Store!

This update provides logging facilities, RSA/DSA key generation and key-based authentication (currently only using keys generated on the device), custom terminal sizes, scrollback support, proxy support, storage of the username associated with the connection, and much more.

1.3 is due in a couple weeks, and will add support for custom colors and font size, as well as new fonts and some improvements to the UI (a cancel button on the new connection settings page, cursor scroll with terminal, and more definable keyboard shortcuts).

pTerm is also now available in the EU, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.

August 9, 2008

Version 1.1 has been submitted and is awaiting Apple's approval. We expect this to be available early the week of August 10.

This update provides:

  • Greater stability - no more crashes when leaving a terminal screen without first exiting, and fixed a minor (but critical) timer error
  • ESC key support via Ctrl-[
  • Full-screen mode via double-tap

We are working on Version 1.2. You can see the expected features and release dates for each release at the Roadmap.

August 7, 2008

Version 1.0 has been released! We are happy to bring SSH and a terminal emulator to you and your iPhone or iPod Touch. We are working to improve pTerm and your feedback means everything to us. Please email us with any comments or suggestions you may have.