FAQ: Puzzle Sources

Could you please add some UK puzzles?
UK puzzles have arrived! Version 1.2, which was approved on August 21, features puzzles from The Independent, The Herald, and The Manchester Evening News. I'm looking into a whole bunch more UK sources for version 1.3: The Times, The Sun, The Private Eye, The Guardian, and hopefully others as well. If there are particular UK sources you would like to see added, please send me an e-mail.

Which of the puzzles in version 1.2 are the easiest?
The "Quick" puzzles from The Sydney Morning Herald are probably the easiest. The New York Times Monthly puzzles also tend to be on the easy side. New York Times Daily puzzles from the beginning of the week (Monday and Tuesday) are also on the easy-ish, although those from the end of the week are extremely difficult.

I like the puzzles from this one newspaper/website. Can you add it as a source?
Very possibly. Send me a link to the online crossword, and I'll do my best to include it in a future update.

Any plans to add puzzles in other languages?
I'm working on it. If you know of online sources of crossword puzzles in your language, please send me a link to them, and I'll try to include them in a future update.

Any plans to add puzzles for kids?
I would love to, but haven't yet been able to find online sources for kids' puzzles. If you know of any, please do send me a link to them.

I already have some puzzles on my computer. Can I import them into 2 Across?
Not at this time. Apple provides no way of syncing files for third-party applications. So for now, the only way to get puzzles is to download them from within 2 Across.